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"thE bEans" is a conceptual musical act that I compose digitally since I gave up all of my music instruments under false pretenses that a woman was pregnant with my kid in 2014. I refer to the genre as "Corruption" as it is composed of corrupted mp3 samples and lyrically reflects the corruption of our modern, capitalist world. Really, it is all genres in a blender including rock, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, folk, world music, psytrance, dubstep, shoegazing, and what some folks refer to as "noise" music. It is certainly a trippy experience. The concept behind the music is that it is performed by 3 aliens who come to Earth with the purpose of saving humanity through popular music. Upon their arrival, they discover that humans have already been doing that for the better part of a century with no positive results. For this reason, they decide to do musical satire that makes fun of the idea of humans trying to save their selves through music. Mantras in the music include phrases like, "turn off the TV", "don't chip your kids", "be your own congress", and all sorts of helpful tidbits for humans to ignore. The music is designed, mostly, to be impossible for a human to play on an actual instrument. I intended for this act to be animated but, do not have the time or resources to do so and refuse the help of corrupted corporations. If you like "weird" music like Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Ween, Shpongle, Primus or any other band that does not adhere to the norm, thE bEans might be right up your alley. First album, "ExpEriEncE" came out in 2017, followed by "rElax, your brain is mElting" in 2018, "livE from the potato statE" in 2019 and the soon to come, "hEaling frEquEnciEs" later this year. Enjoy, humans but, don't let the music change you. 

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Ugly Butterfly was my first attempt to make music on a professional level. All instruments were performed and recorded all on my own including guitar, bass, drums (machine), harmonica, violin, keyboards, odd samples and any other way I could utilize to create the sound I wanted. The music is a blend of alternative, grunge, metal, noise and experimental rock. I worked on this project from 1998-2007 until I decided to play bass for a band that was producing more "radio friendly" music. Recording for the 4 albums occurred between 2005-2007 or so. Themes are pretty dark overall and include unrequited love, child abuse, molestation, feminist hypocrisy, people dying in idiotic ways, the hypocrisy of religion, and all sorts of truths that most people are unwilling to bear. Though, it did come directly from the pain in my soul. It was impossible to find musicians who were willing to work with me to make this a live, touring act so it died, of course. No money was made producing this work, much like most of my endeavors. Though, in hindsight, I should of took a page from the book of Ween and simply used a prerecorded back up band from my recording console while I played the lead guitar and "sang". If you like bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, the Flaming Lips or System of a Down, Ugly Butterfly might be right for you. 

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