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  The Strange Art and Music of Brandon Truster

         Self Portrait

Recent portrait of a friend of

mine and his special lady I did for a commission. Two satisfied customers.

My name is Brandon Truster, born in Kansas, and I have been exploring art my entire life. It was always labelled as "weird" and I am fine with that accusation. In 2012, I had  a Near Death Experience that changed my art style forever. Since then, I have been obsessed with capturing the nature of the beings I met on the other end of the "tunnel of light". For that reason, I portray people donning the same "blue skin" as the beings I met, who reminded me to "love people" before returning me to my body. 

I am very interested in doing portraits of you, your friends, family, and even your pets in my energetic style of artwork. The process is simple but, time consuming. This service I offer can take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on the size. Currently, I offer 6" X 8" drawings or 9" X 12" drawings. Drawings are done in Prismacolor pencils. Click "Contact/Deal" above if you are interested in this service.

Additionally, I sell originals and prints of most of the work I have created over the years. You can find these by clicking on "Gallery" above. Prints and originals are frameless so that the savings can be passed onto you. Prints are $25, which includes shipping and handling. Originals are priced based off of haggling, as each one is unique and took a different amount of time/effort to  produce. Think of it this way. If you are willing to pay $100 for a 4" X 6" tattoo of Bart Simpson, then you are also willing to pay $100 for one of my 4" X 6" drawings. To put it another way, I had people on the street offer me $20 for a 9" X 12" drawing that took me 5 days to create in a town where it cost me $15 a day just to eat. Please don't insult me with such offers, I am trying to make a living too, you know? There was a reason why I was homeless in Arizona and that reason being is that most folks do not understand the true value of art. That drawing was easily worth $500 (my work has been appraised) but, I would of  been willing to take $80 for it that day out of desperation. Just keep these anecdotes in mind when haggling about my original artwork. 

I also compose music. In the past, I did attempt to pursue music professionally. Not only did I have my own music but, I played bass and co-composed with a few other bands. Only one of these bands ever toured and after a 3 month long tour of North America, I walked away with $700. That wasn't even enough to pay for an apartment, so I gave up making music for money. The music market is just too saturated for most folks to make it. For that reason, I compose music now just out of the passion in doing so.  It is available for free. Just click "Music" at the top of the page, select an album and you will be redirected to my Youtube where free music awaits.

If you aren't interested in owning any art but, would like to help me in my artistic journey, you can click on "Donate" above to contribute to my cause. Doing so will prevent me from having to panhandle, which is never fun. Lol...

Thanks for looking and my the Universe bless you ono your life journey.

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